Monday, April 21, 2008

hop on pop

I just have to brag about our little reader -- M's 3/4 of the way through his learning-to-read book and yesterday he found some beginning reader books I had bought in the US. He read me all of Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss. If you need some early reading books at your house, this is by far the easiest Dr Seuss book, but it still includes all the basic phonics rules and sight words -- M did a really great job, even reading words like "night" that he hasn't learned about yet. (Yay for context). It also repeats most of the words, so you get extra reinforcement. Down side? Like all Dr Seuss books, it's a bit long for a beginning reader. M has an exceptionably long attention span, and he was definitely flagging by the end. For more modern beginning readers, we like the Green Light Reader series -- they're very short and have cute pictures. Anybody else have suggestions?


Lauralyn said...

Hey there. It's fun to catch up on your life a little bit. We like the Bob books for the first reading time. Although, if M has already read Hop on Pop, he may be too advanced for Bob. Another thing I like to do is pick books that are a little too hard and read them aloud together. I assign the kid certain words to read whenever we come to them. Little Bear works great for that. For books that are at the right level but too long, you could alternate pages: you read a page, he reads a page, etc. Teaching a kid to read is so fun!

Morgan said...

Thanks for the note, Lauralyn! It's great to hear from you. And thanks for the advice :) Teaching a kid to read is definitely fun -- and little V wants her chance, too. Lately she's been getting up at night and taking books back to bed with her. Modeling behavior?!?