Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cookie dough and IKEA

Some families eat cookie dough and some don't -- I come from a pro-cookie dough family, so my kids eat it too. Obviously there are lots more like us out there, otherwise, why would we have cookie dough ice cream?! In the US, they've tried to make it not scary to eat cookie dough by introducing pasteurized eggs. Takes all the fun out of it. Do those still exist? They had just come out when we moved. Here we have cute little brown eggs with feathers and other yuckier chicken stuff still attached.

We're building! M's old enough now to be a very good helper, and V gives it a good shot and mostly gets in the way. She actually tries really hard to get in the way, to be honest. She moved up to a big girl bed today and so far has gotten up twice since we put her to bed. We'll see how long it takes her to go to sleep and how many times she pops up during the night... maybe we should have left her in the crib a little longer :) The other item they're working on is, can you guess? A bookshelf! And yes, it's already full. The kids were sad that they couldn't go on the IKEA run today, but there wasn't any room for passengers. So M wrote Daddy a shopping list before he left. So cute. It was legible and everything. I helped with the spelling.


Georgia and David said...

I don't actually make cookies. Only dough.

I'm still not brave enough to move Joseph to a bed because I think I moved the older two too early. But now I think he's attached to his crib so we'll have different issues when I get around to it. Ugh.

Morgan said...

Yeah, so V got up something like 8 times last night before she finally fell asleep. And the last time, she was crying, "I want my own bed!" But she slept all night and generally seems to like the new bed? We'll see.

Christine said...

Cookie dough is so much better than the cookies! Although I think the feathers on the eggs might freak me out a bit! ;-) Goodluck with the big bed thing. They do eventually get used to it! My youngest climbed out of the crib at 18 months and she was so little I was afraid she would get hurt. So we moved her to her big bed. It was hard for a little bit, but now it's great. Your kids are quite the helpers! Yay!!