Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grandma's trip pics

All of these pictures are from a weekend trip we made to Vienna while Grandma was here. The first few are from a very large park area in Moravia, on the border with Austria. We stopped there on our way to Vienna. It is truly a huge area, with lots of follies and palaces and such. Apparently best visited on bicycle -- we only saw a small part of it. But we played in the grass, smelled the lilacs and had a picnic.

I hope you can see the motion here -- he was going pretty fast. This lovely playground was a block from the apartment we stayed at in Vienna. It featured a real tractor, a zip line, climbing rocks, a very tall slide and the occasional random person sleeping on a bench. It was just great and the gorgeous weather we had made it seem even better.
We visited the Vienna children's museum while Grandma went to the art museum -- the kid museum had different themed sections with timed entries. We went to the Ocean and the kids had a great time -- basically they got to explore this great kid-sized ship. V loved the fish. She could feed them to anemones (manned by other people), put them on fishing lines, reel them in, or send them down a fishy slide. M loved this pulley arrangement; Daddy put on the load for him and M got to raise and lower it and pivot it around.


Susan said...

Thanks for posting about your great trip. Got any pix of the fishy slide? That sounds fun.

Morgan said...

The fishy slide wasn't very photogenic, so we don't have any good pictures of it. Oh well :)