Tuesday, May 20, 2008

M correction

I almost forgot about this story, but now I'm sharing it with you. When we visited the zoo in Vienna, I bought a small stuffed animal/beanie thing for each kid. M was immediately very attached to his and named it Max the Alligator. (He joins M's toy family which consists of Doc the Shark, Baby Nemo -- who happens to be a small white-ish teddy bear not in any way fishlike, and Buzz Lightyear.) Later in the day, Nathan asked M to remind him what the alligator's name was.

N: What's his name again? Max the friendly, happy alligator?
M: It's Max the A-LI-GA-TOR.

We couldn't stop laughing. M seriously separated each syllable so that slooow Daddy could understand. Too funny.

This week I'm frantically visiting schools for M to attend in the fall or next year -- I just decided that maybe his current school won't be the best option next year. So far, I've got one good option, a montessori school. I've read about Montessori programs quite a bit and it amazingly works just as advertised (at least in this school I visited). The kids really work quietly at their tasks, by themselves or in small groups, they seem totally happy and calm. And they focus on having all kinds of adult things made to their size, so the classrooms are very cute. The toddler room had scrubbies for cleaning just the right size for a 2-year-old. V was with me, which was a bit crazy. She loved that they even had kid-sized guitars for music time. "They're just my size!" More school visits to come in the next few days.

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Susan said...

I remember studying the Montessori method when I was certifying to be a public school teacher. Two things fascinated me: one, that they taught social skills first (like setting a table and eating with good manners). The second thing was that they let a child follow his or her interests. Good luck school hunting.