Monday, May 26, 2008

reality tv

So, I am confessing a soft spot for reality TV talent shows -- I follow them on beloved youtube, and sometimes it can be lots of fun, since I can just watch the good stuff that way. (But American Idol this year was not fun. Lame season.) So some are really boring, but sometimes you get to see Paul Potts. I'm posting today because So You Think You Can Dance just started a new season, and this is a really great show! Why is it great? Because unlike some other shows (read American Idol), I get the feeling that they really look for the best talent they can get. And for whatever reason, they get really, really good talent on the show. AND I love that they take the broadcasting time to show great dancers who won't make it onto the live shows, not as an emotional manipulation of the audience, but because they want to give them exposure. Last season one of the judges offered a kid a movie part during his audition. Negatives? The dance world is a small one and it gets a little tiring seeing the same people from year to year, or siblings, or people from the same dance school, etc. If you want to see something amazing from the first episode this year, look up Robert Muraine on youtube.

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