Saturday, May 3, 2008

small visitor

So we've been a little busy here -- we had a small friend staying with us for a few days, and since he was sleeping in the computer room, I haven't had time to blog. We had a great time while he was here. Thankfully he's a very easy kid and only cried when he wanted out of his crib in the morning or once when he dropped something on his foot. That makes me cry too. It was really fun watching our kids interact together -- we know VR well, but it's different when we have him full-time. Check out the photo of the two boys together -- why does VR have his hood up? Because M does. They were in the swings at the same time and VR did everything M did -- put his hood up, held onto a certain part of the swing, kicked his feet, etc. Pretty cute. We got lots of funny looks -- the two 2-year-olds are literally a head different in height, so they look like they could be year-apart siblings. 3 small kids in CZ? Crazy.
Spring is finally here and the weather's great! Leaves are out on most of the trees and there are still blossoms on a lot of them. Every year I forget how beautiful and green Prague is in the summer. We've had quite a wet spring this year, but even so, I don't think we'll get springtime floods, since there wasn't much snow this year.
Kid quote:
M: V, don't you want some pants on?
V: Yeah! (dancing and singing) Pants song, pants song, pa-aaants song!


Susan said...

Wow, sounds like you had fun! Love V's lavender Crocs. Very cute!

Georgia and David said...

pants song. hilarious.

Morgan said...

Yeah, so V's regular shoes (which I bought here, which means they cost a FORTUNE) disappeared for a week and a half and she wore crocs the whole time. The cleaning lady found them behind the futon in the kids' room, so now she doesn't have to wear holey shoes when it's raining :)

Czechers said...

That picture of Vinson with M is so cute. I just hope he doesn't get bugged when his little brother copies him.