Friday, January 11, 2008

dentist success

We went to the dentist yesterday for M's check-up. Previously, he's had several trips to the dentist and he was a good sport for a while, but they had to do some serious work on his teeth, so now he's not so excited. The promise of a special present from Daddy did the trick and he let them take an x-ray and look in his mouth and HOORAY! he doesn't have any more cavities right now. I think this is a very boring post, but it's very important for us!

In other news, although I've taken down our Christmas tree, the box is still sitting in my living room and I don't know when I'll be able to move the couch to a better place. It's in a random spot, but M has created a secret hiding place with the end of the couch, the wall and some chairs. Yesterday it was renamed "molehill" because he is now pretending to be Little Mole (Krtek). Krtek is the Mickey Mouse of the Czech Republic, an old cartoon character who is well-loved. Here's a clip of him:

So we read about my sister's voucher program for her kids on her blog,, and I thought it was a great idea. When I ran the idea past M, he had to start it right away, so right before bedtime I had to print off some clipart to make vouchers and give him one for picking up some toys. It didn't work quite as planned, because instead of being happy about collecting vouchers so he could buy something at our home store, he got angry that he couldn't play with the voucher right now. Maybe I shouldn't have made them so cute :) I hope he gets over that, because it's a great incentive program. I'll probably merge it with his reading program and give him a voucher every time he reads a book. (A teeny tiny book -- we use Bob Books and Nora Gaydos' animal books to teach him. We love them both for different reasons.)

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