Thursday, January 17, 2008

funny sayings from the kids

Here are some funny or just plain cute things the kids have said lately.

My almost-2-year-old teaches me syntax --

Me: What's your name?
V: Me. And Mommy's name is You. And M's name is He.

V thinks I'm crazy --

Me: Let's see if the cookie dough is ready.
M: Ernie's favorite dessert is cookies.
V: I like cookies. And I like chairs.
Me: Chairs? You like to eat chairs?
V, giving me a total "you're crazy" look: No! Sit. With bodies.

M has had the flu. He's abnormally sweet and good when he's really sick, pretty much just lays on the couch all the time. So he watched Toy Story for the first time when he got sick and has since watched it maybe 3 or 4 more times? Favorite character: "Buzz Lightnear". Joining other favorites like "Lightning DeQueen" and "Little Worm-maid".

M on Christmas morning: First I'm going to eat all my chocolate race cars and then I'm going to eat all my dinosaurs and then I'm going to be sick.

5 minutes ago --
Me: Everyone is special because everyone is a child of God.
V: Daddy is a God.


Susan said...

Thanks for the funny sayings. They really were funny. Especially the chair thing.

Morgan said...

Wish you could have seen her face, it was priceless.