Monday, January 7, 2008

snowy day and some sheet music

M was laughing at something V said during our New Year's party and V obviously loves olives ("vovives").

I want to tip you off on a great arrangement we are using in our church choir right now. Like many LDS composers, Steven Smith offers some sheet music for free download. (His other music is available for the very reasonable price of .65 cents a copy. All of these goodies are found at So the piece in question is titled Testimony (the easy version) and is an arrangement of two classic LDS hymns, "I Am a Child of God" and "I Believe in Christ". Smith changes the melody of "I Believe in Christ" slightly so that it fits as a counter-melody to "I Am a Child of God". The easy version is indeed very easy and sounds SO good. There's a lot of great music out there, but this one is really fantastic, so I figured I'd laud it to all my friends. And it's free!! Here's the direct link for the pdf: or you can get to it via his main page and also find an audio recording.

On to other local events: SNOW! This is our first real snow of the season (I think we missed some while we were out of the country a while back) and we lucked into perfect sledding snow on the weekend. M and his Daddy were out all afternoon and M is old enough this year to sled alone and had a great time. We also made snow ice cream -- I made it like my mom did, with snow, milk, sugar and vanilla. Both of the guys in the family were big fans. V doesn't love the snow or the snow ice cream, but I bet she will next year.

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