Sunday, January 20, 2008

Family Home Evening

We made a goal this year to make sure we have Family Home Evening absolutely every week. (FHE = once a week family meeting: prayers, songs, lesson, game and treat.) And we've started coordinating our lessons with the scriptures we're reading during family scripture study, which is working great so far. I got the idea because of the Christmas season -- I loved how well our kids learned all the aspects of the Christmas story, because we read it during scripture study several times, had an FHE lesson about it, heard about it at church, etc. (Pictures are from Christmas Eve.) So now we're trying to focus on other stories in the same way. So far, so good. M asks for more scriptures every night now.

Tonight we had friends over for dinner and FHE -- we read together in the Book of Mormon about the Nephites pitching tents to hear King Benjamin speak. We built tents out of blankets and listened while "King Benjamin" spoke from the top of our ladder (draped with another blanket to make it into a tower). Then the kids took turns on the tower reading or repeating something that King Benjamin said. It was fun!

Other random stuff:

M, peeking through the keyhole: So, going potty, huh?

A kid in Primary today: I'm going to have a testimony next week! (He's getting baptized next week.)

M: I already have my own testimony!

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