Monday, January 7, 2008

my first blog post

As I was going through the super-quick process of creating our blog, there were little voices contributing their opinions. So the look was chosen by M, my newly turned 4-year-old, but the name was chosen by me. He was lobbying heavily for Captain Moroni or Robin Hood. With more time for thought, he would have suggested Lightning McQueen, Joy to the World or possibly Vanilla Ice Cream. Who ever thought I'd have a child who prefers vanilla?! V sat quietly during the whole 5 minutes, drinking her milk and rubbing my shirt, which is comforting to her for unknown reasons.

Quote for the week, came up during a discussion of armor and weapons:

Me: Do you know why it's important to protect you heart? It's because our hearts are what keep us al-

M: I know, I know. Our hearts are what keep us in love with princesses.


Georgia and David said...

That is hilarious. Dave's family came up here for New Year's and we did the obligatory drive-by of the sights in SLC. When we drove past the temple, Ady was telling Jared (who is almost 4) that he would get married in a temple like that someday and he said (roughly translated): "Yes mom, I am going to get married in the temple to a princess!"

Morgan said...

Cute! I just hope he marries a girly girl who looks like a princess :) M notices now that girls (or cartoon characters or whatever) are cute, but he's shy about it. If I ask him why he likes a character or something he says, "I'm not going to do this!" and runs off.