Wednesday, January 9, 2008

lack of sleep

I usually get plenty of sleep these days, so the lack of sleep in our house is not mine, but rather my children's and, chronically, my husband's, but that's a different post altogether. M just turned 4 and has been fighting naps for half a year now. We have quiet time when V naps and sometimes M takes a nap, too. The "sometimes" is the problem -- unlike some miracle children who will just collapse when they need a nap, M has to be prompted, coaxed, bribed and otherwise coerced into taking one, even when he's desperately tired. And I still don't notice all the symptoms of when he needs a nap until it's too late! So today was another day when he got totally out of control before I finally figured out that he absolutely had to have a nap, even though it was already after 3. And for good or ill, V was still asleep because she and I ran all over town this morning and she walked most of the way. What a trooper! Anyway, it always seems like other people's kids can handle lack of sleep better than mine can, and don't get as supercrank, but that's probably just an illusion. I hope.

Speaking of naps, here's a funny conversation we had yesterday when M and I went together to pick V up after her nap.

M: I'm Captain Moroni!

V: I'm Ham!

Me: You're what? Ham?

M: Yeah, yeah, Mommy, she's Mr. Ham, like a kind of meat, like Mr. Potato Head.

With all the encouragement from big brother, V has been pretending to be Ham ever since.

And speaking of Mr. Potato Head, I sing the praises of classic toys. V LOVES Mr. Potato Head and since we bought ours in the US, it was really cheap. And M got a View-Master for Christmas, which he thinks is really fun. That's the toy that looks like little binoculars and you put in cartridges to show cool 3D pictures. When we were kids, we kept our View-Master items in one of those lovely purple and gold Crown Royal bags from our uncle. I loved the bag and the toy. My mom says she loved hers as well. Didn't know that View-Masters have been around that long? First appeared in 1939, according to multiple websites. Most amusing fact: they were used to train US military personnel in the '40s. I'm glad that some toys do survive over the years. Games are much more likely to make it long-term, like dominoes! But it's nice to see some great toys endure as well.

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Susan said...

We picked up some classics from our childhood for our children before we even started our family. So you and your sibs grew up with Tinkertoys and Lincoln Logs even though they were out of style by the time you all arrived. Tinkertoys seem way crazy dangerous to me now in today's soft-edged world, but they still make them. Who knew?