Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure

V can be very annoying sometimes, like when she begs to do something and then whines while you do it. Or when she pokes, bites or generally messes with her big brother because he's ignoring her ...

BUT the point of this post is that no matter what annoying things she might occasionally do, charm makes up for it. Seriously -- just like a really beautiful child can get away with more, so can a very charming child. You gotta love a kid who tells you her super power is being able to get her thumbs into her mittens properly. Oh, and being able to get her feet into her snow boots, too.

We need those skills now, because it's cold!! -10 C today and expected to be -20 tomorrow. It does not get this cold here very often, thank goodness. I'm a little bummed about it -- it's so cold that the kids can't really enjoy the snow on the ground.


Susan said...

I agree that she's seriously charming. Perhaps it is a no-brainer to point out that she's also one of those really beautiful children you mentioned.

Morgan said...

Well, I didn't want to brag on my kids too much. But you have grandmother rights to brag all you want :)

Naomi S. Adams said...

Adorable child (and children.)

How about a new joke for the kids?
Q: What is a fish's favorite country?