Saturday, January 17, 2009

viral video

On very slow news days, Yahoo occasionally features a viral video on its main page. So today I'll give you one of my favorite viral videos. The girl in the toy machine still cracks me up:

Almost everything about this security film makes me laugh. The fact that the other kid realizes what's going on and the mom doesn't believe him, the employee who cleans the windows instead of helping, the kid's total enjoyment of the whole thing. Good stuff. Wish I had a shop video from the Georgia-manikin fiasco.


Susan said...

What I like best is the mom using hand signals to tell the kid to get out and assuming that the kid could get herself back out. I would have been running screaming to anyone to open the machine and rescue my kid. Very calm mom. Thanks for the laugh.

Naomi S. Adams said...

holy WOW, i laughed out loud at work. oops. kudos to the kid for getting herself a free toy! i bet she was tired of her mom saying she didn't have any quarters.