Thursday, January 8, 2009

E pictures

I like to see babies all bundled in the winter -- it exaggerates their proportions somehow. E likes to be outside in the cold, especially if she's in the Baby Bjorn.
Here she is in the infamous blessing dress that my grandmother made for my big sister's baby blessing some hmdrmnim years ago. By my count, this is baby #11 to wear it. Nathan blessed her last Sunday. It was very sweet, and she looked lovely.


Georgia and David said...

She looks adorable! I believe there have been some baptisms in the dress as well, so the count goes on. Thanks for the photos! Just a few more weeks and she'll be as big as Juliet:)

Morgan said...

Yeah, as I wrote that, I wondered if some cousins had used it, too. Mom says she's still got our baptism dress? That one got a lot of use back in the day.

Susan said...

Awesome pictures. I'll have to ask mom who was baptized in the blessing dress. Maybe just Kevin's C? The baptism dress was used by almost all the girls in yours, N's and G's Primary classes as I remember. I just got it out to look at it and it looks perfect and still snow white. This proves that polyester is eternal. It's also quite long as someone took the hem out of it. Silly me. Maybe I thought one of my girls would be tall! So maybe even V could use it. It will need new elastic in the cuffs but that's about it. I can't believe that we've gotten close enough to even discuss using it again. Our little C is growing up so fast.

Naomi S. Adams said...

CUTE baby E! She looks cute in the dress from htmeaskth years ago, but adorable in the pink bundle suit!

P.S. I'm about to be Dad's timewarp age. I'm thinking of sticking there as well for a good decade or so.