Monday, January 5, 2009

M's 5!!

This picture doesn't have anything to do with M's birthday, but isn't that the chubbiest smile? Good job, E.

M's blowing out candles. I got the hat at a local cheap stuff store. I saw someone with the same hat at Disneyland Paris last year and looked for it everywhere, but they didn't sell them (only birthday hats with Mickey on them, of course). Imagine my surprise when I saw it the next week, for 1/4 the price! Now it's our newest tradition.

My masterpiece. M was very happy with it and V had fun helping. I don't think I've eaten a cake with traditional decorator's icing since I was a kid -- my mom's arthritis eventually made it too hard for her to decorate them anymore. But before that, we had beautiful cakes each year, and the taste really sent me back. I almost felt 8 years old again. M also got presents, of course. The pirate treasure chest and a pirate telescope were from us. M was very interested in where I got them. I think he wanted to visit the pirate store.

Superdad took M to the mountains on his birthday so that they could go sledding. They had such a great time, they went again the next day and took V with them. Unfortunately, V cranked and didn't enjoy it so much. But she did get to sled here in Prague a couple of days ago and she loved it. Snow is falling as I write, so we're hoping to get more use out of the sled this afternoon.

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Susan said...

Finally, after all these years, a baby who can rival you in gorgeous chubbiness! I'll post a picture of you at the same age on my blog. You can compare.